The main activity of the Rockin’ Board TSE is developing the movement skills of children and adults and preparing for competitions in Hungary and abroad in pairs and formations as it is characteristic in the sport dance acrobatic rock and roll. The acrobatic rock and roll is rather a sport than a dance. Our school specialised on that and we have been operating for nine years in Budapest, Veresegyház, Gödöllő, Csomád, Szada, Őrbottyán, Vácrátót and Vác.

We train acrobatic rock and roll competitors at different levels in Budapest and around at nearly twenty places. The age of competitors is between 7 and 20 but we also focus on the new rising generations and work with children from the age of 4. Our goal is that while the children gradually learn the dance they can participate at performances, dance shows and competitions at their level. With hard work we can qualify for competitions (home, new generation, regional, national, international), usually with three or four trainings a week. We offer the opportunity for those who are interested in this genre to learn and do this dance style at a hobby level as well. The beginners have two trainings a week and at competition level three or four a week.

Every summer we regularly organise camps for children and preparatory camps for competitions in the countryside.

We also aim to develop the right posture, sense of rhythm and loose but strong muscles which are essential for dance competitions all over the world. This is why part of the lessons is jazz ballet based trainings.

Our Rock and roll dance group has won several awards at significant Hungarian and international competitions.


On Monday and Wednesday between 15.45 and 16.45 in the F56 Room


Gergely Farkas +36 20 999 1245

Krisztina Farkas +36 70 430 1157

Viktória Farkas +36 30 293 4944