Ticket price: 3000 Ft

Royal Waiting Place of Gödöllő
Start of the event: 2018. 01. 24. (Wednesday) 20.00
2x45 minutes with one break

The band was founded in July 2005 by Eszter Pozsár . The quartet is characterised by unusual instrument make-up: the rhythm section is compiled of guitar, bass guitar, drum and percussions and which is accompanied by flute and soprano saxophone, which is rarely heard in jazz music.

During their careers all the players have had detours in different musical styles. These experiences, trends and feelings are transformed into a unique musical texture, hence the name TRANS-FORMATION.

Trans-formation performs own compositions. Concerning the genre it is mainly loosely defined jazz, but it contains rock and contemporary music elements which are here and there seasoned with world music effects. The compositions could be best called ‘contemporary jazz fantasies’. They are contemporary – in the meaning that the authors of the songs are musicians living and working today.

Regarding the atmosphere, it expresses really diverse emotions - melancholic, harsh, sweetish, fierce, tart, playful and at times grotesque.

We reserve the right to make changes.

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