Art groups | CIMBALIBAND

Artistic leader: Balázs Unger
Tel.: +36(20)8231180 
Rehersal room: House of Arts Gödöllő


‘Folk music is the phenomena of nature’, said Bartók, and this statement is true even in today’s world according to the members of Cimbaliband. The modern Eastern-European feeling is mixed with folk music in their music but all this in a very natural way because they are a really multicultural band. A Serbian accordion player, a Hungarian violinist, a Roma double bass player, a Saxon-Hungarian cimbalom player and guitarist seasoned with a sensual female voice and a jazz drummer.  The sources of their music come from different places:  Hungarian folk music, classical music, jazz, Balkan folk music, rock’n’roll, but two things keep the band together: friendship and a magic Hungarian musical instrument, the cimbalom. There is no wonder that Balázs Unger is called the ‘Chuck Berry of the cimbalom’ in professional music media. He manages and coordinates the band in a diverse style with his fast riffs from behind a really Hungarian acoustic ‘audio mixer’. Taken all these into consideration the audience will get a full original Eastern European cimbalom Rock’n’Roll!



Balázs Unger -cimbalom, vocal
Eszter Szita – vocal

Agatics Krunoszláv -accordion
Gyula Lázár –double bass, bass guitar
Gellért Boda -violin
GergőUnger – guitar, vocal
Dániel Horváth – drums, percussions