Artistic leader: Ahmed Moussa

Tel.: +36 (30) 439-0562, +36 (30) 590-8166, +36 (20) 973-7794, +36 (28) 413-653



Rehersal room: House of Arts Gödöllő


The Gödöllő Dance Group was established by Dr György Gémesi and Éva Iglói because at that time the remarkably colourful cultural life of the town was lacking a group focusing on folklore and theatric art discovering and presenting the local traditions. The founders set the goals to represent the town, transmit folk culture and dancing, musical and singing traditions to every generation of the youth of the town. They found the professional challenge of national performances and competitions very important as well as building relationships at international festivals and with twin towns.

The all-time task of the Gödöllő Dance Group is to show the folk dance and folk music tradition to everyone who is interested. So they offer opportunity to 160 people in 5 groups from kindegarden age until the end of secondary school according to age and level of skills.

The adult group of the ensemble plays an important role in forming the future image of the growing young dancers; their popularity is due to their professional acknowledgment individually and in group as well.

Our goal is to transmit dances, culture and values to the next generations so that they can find their own roots and forms of self-expression again and again.

The Gödöllő Dance Group finds it essentially important to discover local traditions and implement them in the education. They use the artefacts, written and visual materials of the Gödöllő Municipal Museum as well as the dancing and folklore values of the agglomeration.  All these appear continuously in their theatre performances, costume recondtructions and theoretical materials.

Students who perform very well during the folk dance lessons in the elementary schools of our town and talented students from the villages and towns of our region get the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in our ensemble.

The students of the ensemble are often successfully accepted in vocational schools in the region or further (Hungarian Dance Academy, High School of Folk Arts of Fót, Secondary School of Fine Arts of Nyíregyháza).

The group offers the possibility to participate at solo and group competitions every year. Our groups have outstanding results at national, regional snd international competitions raising the reputation of our town.

The illustrious example for nurturing talent is that now the professional management of the group is lead by dancers growing up here: Judit Tóth, Ahmed Moussa.

The all-time task of the group is to represent the town at municipal events, performing at ceremonies, organising and performing independent productions where beside dance literature and other art forms are also present: e.g.: Spring Campaign, Day of the Heroes, Trianon Remembrance, Coronation Weekend, Erzsébet Park Inauguration, 20th August national holiday.

The Gödöllő Dance Group is a permanent guest in the everyday life events as well as the large town programmes (Children’s Day, food festival, Pensioners’ Day).

The Gödöllő Dance Group finds it important that apart from showing authentic dance, costumes and musical folklore in their repertoire they choose theatre plays where they expand the limits of traditional performances, searching for new, unknown ways.

The ensemble joins the cultural programme series of the thematic years with pleasure by creating and performing new dance theatre productions where they welcome the other art groups of the town as well.