Ticket price: 1500 Ft

Start of the event: 2018. 02. 02. (Friday) 19.00
70 minutes, without a break

A musical dramatic duel of a couple in one act

Cast: Krisztina Miklós , András Géczi, Gábor Balogh

Music: Balázs Lencsés

Dramaturge and director: Zoltán Horváth

During the performance 22 songs or fragments of songs are heard with live accompaniment from the greatest hits of the former MR2 Radio (Vad Fruttik, 30Y, Kaukázus, Eszter and the GumiZsuzsi, Kiscsillag, Quimby, Heaven Street Seven, Péterfy Bori & Love Band, Magashegyi Underground, Nemjuci, HoneyBeast, Hiperkarma, Subscribe, Ocho Macho, Majka, Budapest Bar, Bea Palya, Kispál és a borz, Belmondo, Kesh, Anna and the Barbies, Kesh).

‘RICHARD: Is your lover coming?
SARAH: Mmnn.
RICHARD : What time?
SARAH: Three.
RICHARD: Will you be going out or staying in?
SARAH: Oh, I think we’ll stay in.
RICHARD:  I thought you wanted to go to that exhibition.
SARAH:  I did, yes but I think I’d prefer to stay in with him tonight.
RICHARD – Mmnn-hmmm.  Well, I must be off.

RICHARD:  I rather wanted to ask you something.
SARAH: What?
RICHARD: Does it occur to you that while you’re spending the afternoon being unfaithful to me I am sitting at a desk going through balance sheets and graphs?
SARAH:  You’ve never asked me that before. What a funny question.
RICHARD:  I’ve always wanted to know.
SARAH: Well, of course it occurs to me.
RICHARD: Oh, it does? What’s your attitude to that then?
SARAH: It makes it all the more piquant. ‘

In a relationship: love, secrets, possession, lies, half-truth, role-play, roughness, games, competition, debates, tears, cheating – no cheating, inhibitions and rampant desires.

It is for people who love their significant other or would like to fall in love with them again or desire to love or be loved.

The performance is recommended above the age of 14

We reserve the right to make changes.

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